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Dr Wouter M. Koolen

I am a machine learning researcher, specialising in the foundations of learning and sequential decision making. I have a background in computer science and artificial intelligence and I am a Master of Logic.

I am a scientific staff member of the Machine Learning group of the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with Peter D. Gr├╝nwald. My research project Learning at the Intrinsic Task Pace is funded by a NWO VENI grant. I previously held a Vice-Chancellor's postdoctoral research fellowship at the Queensland University of Technology with Peter L. Bartlett.

I am a member of the INRIA-CWI associate team 6PAC. I am an ACM Future of Computing Academy member.

Learning has always been an important part of my life. I am interested in designing learning algorithms that progressively improve their decisions, for example by combining the predictions of multiple experts, models, systems, etc. This research area, Online Learning, connects subjects ranging from computer science, statistics, information theory and optimisation to economics. I am also intrigued by the mathematical foundation of ideal learning built atop Kolmogorov Complexity.