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Prof.dr. Wouter M. Koolen

Senior Researcher, Machine Learning group, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, and Professor of Mathematical Machine Learning, Statistics group, University of Twente.

I work on topics in machine learning theory and related areas, including game theory, information theory, statistics and optimisation. My current interests include pure exploration in multi-armed bandit models, game tree search, and provably accelerated learning in statistical and individual-sequence settings, aka learning faster from easy data.

I am a member of the INRIA-CWI associate teams 6PAC with Inria Lille and 4TUNE with Inria Paris and Grenoble. I am an ELLIS Scholar. I recieved an NWO VENI grant and a QUT Vice-Chancellor's postdoctoral research fellowship. I have a background in computer science and artificial intelligence and I am a Master of Logic.